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Choosing a Cigar Oasis

The Cigar Oasis electronic cigar humidifier is guaranteed by the manufacturer to always keep your cigars fresh. The Cigar Oasis humidifiers are available in five size configurations, so there is one for every type of cigar humidor. A Cigar Oasis is an active humidifier that circulates the air in your humidor every time the humidity drops below the set point, providing reliable and accurate humidity control. Each of the five models has different specifications based on your needs and can be used to control humidity in humidors from personal size all the way up to a walk-in or cabinet humidor of 80 square feet! more

Seasoning Your Humidor

Setting up your new humidor and new hygrometer can be confusing. To make it less confusing we have included easy to follow information below on seasoning your humidor, Charging your humidifier (adding humidity)and directions for Calibrating your Hygrometer (completing a salt test for your hygrometer. Follow these instructions and you will be on the way to enjoying your new humidor! There are different thoughts on how to proceed in seasoning your humidor. We suggest you ignore everything you read elsewhere or hear from your friends, Aunt Harriet, and even the literature inside the humidor ! Our directions are complete and accurate. more

Lighter Care and Repair

Lighters can be tricky to operate, please READ all instructions that arrived with your lighter as well as instructions listed below which is meant to supplement other information already provided.more