Boveda One-Step B84 Cigar Humidor Seasoning Packet

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Boveda One-Step B84 Cigar Humidor Seasoning Packet
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Boveda One-Step B84 Cigar Humidor Seasoning Packet


Boveda is the easy to use super-revolutionary patented technology that provides the world's first disposable one-step seasoning packets. It's designed to easily and naturally season your cigar humidor in within 10 days. The one-step B84 seasoning will create a complete and even equilibration of moisture inside your humidor. Packets should be removed form humidor once seasoned and should not remain in humidor beyond 14 days.

For humidors with a 0-50 capacity, use 2 packets. For humidors with 51-99 capacity, use 3 packets. For 100-149 capacity, use 4 packets. For 150-199 capacity, use 5 packets. For 200-249 capacity, use 6 packets. For 250-300 capacity, use 7 packets.

Read what Carlos Fuente Jr. has to say about Boveda products: "Boveda is, without question, the most effective product on the market for creating the proper aging environment inside desktop humidors. It's the same technology that I include in every box of Fuente cigars to protect them during shipping and distribution."- Carlos Fuente, Jr., President; Arturo Fuente Cigar Company