Peugeot Revolution Decanter Draining Stem

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Peugeot Revolution Decanter Draining Stem
Peugeot Revolution Decanter Draining Stem


The Revolution Decanter Stand is nickel plated and is suitable for most decanters. The swirl or "Revolution" design makes this suitable for both classic and contemporary kitchens.

Oenophiles, also known as wine aficionados, understand all too well that the enjoyment of a wine starts well before the bottle is opened and the glass is poured. The appreciation of any wine often begins with an anticipation of what that wine can offer in terms of colors, aromas and flavors. Most wine lovers will agree that the proper tools and atmosphere can enhance the senses and make the wine experience that much better.

For more than a century, the PEUGEOT name has been synonymous with French gourmet cooking, but the French are also renowned for another gastronomic experience: wine. In the recent past, an opportunity arose for PEUGEOT to lend its name to a family of wine products and, in turn, bring its penchant for quality and innovation to this side of the gourmet experience.

  • 26" H