Riedel O Magnum Crystal Hand Blown Wine Decanter

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Riedel O Magnum Crystal Hand Blown Wine Decanter
Riedel O Magnum Crystal Hand Blown Wine Decanter


Maximilian Riedel has designed this graceful magnum sized decanter to complement his stemless Riedel "O" wine tumblers. The slant design allows for easy pouring, the deep punt in its base acts as an integral thumb hold that assists one-handed pouring and allows sediment to fall to the sides gracefully. The extra long lip means less drips. Compact, yet easily holds a bottle of wine.
  • Hand-blown of lead crystal
  • Fluid, modern shape coordinates with O series wine tumblers or any stemware
  • Elegant angled lip pours without dripping; deep punt aids oxygenation
  • Decanting old wines, just a few moments before they are served, helps to ensure that the wines clarity and brilliance are not obscured by any deposit that may have developed over time. Decanting young wines several hours before they are served gives the wine a chance to bloom and attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging.(Thoughts on decanting by Christian Moueix)

    15-1/8" H, with a 81-1/8 ounce capacity

    Hand wash Recommended


    Important information for California residents.