Riedel Twenty Twelve Dragon Decanter

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Riedel Twenty Twelve Dragon Decanter
Riedel Twenty Twelve Dragon Decanter


To celebrate 2012, the year of the dragon, Riedel has created this wine dragon decanter to bring ultimate joy and good luck to people around the world. The Dragon decanter is the continuation of free blown Riedel decanters made to open up young wines, which need time and lots of air to breath to show off their full potential. A legendary creature in Chinese mythology, the dragon is a symbol of auspicious powers, strength, and good luck. Historically, the Golden Dragon was the symbol of the Emperor of Chine in many Chinese dynasties as a representing his imperial power. Today, it is the ultimate figure signifying ambition, success, passion, happiness, and luck.

  • 14" H, with a 61.6 ounce capacity