Riedel Vitis Red WIne Tasting Set

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Riedel Vitis Red WIne Tasting Set
Riedel Vitis Red WIne Tasting Set


Discover the perfect glass for each varietal of wine with this Riedel Vitis tasting set of wine glasses. Featuring a clear glass construction, the set includes three wine glasses made for drinking and tasting red wines. A wine will display completely different characteristics when served in different glasses, and the differences in taste can be so great that even experienced wine connoisseurs believe they are tasting as many different wines as there are glasses. Riedel has created shapes to specifically enhance a wine's harmony and highlight its unique characteristics, and they have discovered that the enjoyment of aroma, taste, texture, and finish of a wine is maximized by using the right wine tool.

  • Glass 1 -- 2-4/5" diameter x 10" H
  • Glass 2 -- 3" diameter x 10" H
  • Glass 3 -- 2-1/2" diameter x 10" H
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