Choosing a Cigar Oasis

The Cigar Oasis electronic cigar humidifier is guaranteed by the manufacturer to always keep your cigars fresh. The Cigar Oasis humidifiers are available in five size configurations, so there is one for every type of cigar humidor. A Cigar Oasis is an active humidifier that circulates the air in your humidor every time the humidity drops below the set point, providing reliable and accurate humidity control. Each of the five models has different specifications based on your needs and can be used to control humidity in humidors from personal size all the way up to a walk-in or cabinet humidor of 80 square feet! To find the right model, compare your humidor to the chart below:

Cigar Oasis FAQ Troubleshooting Cartridges/Parts/Accessories
Model Image Price Dimensions Moisture Source Cigar Capacity Max Cubic Feet Power Accessories Manual

Cigar Oasis Ultra

Cigar Oasis Ultra $79.95 1" x 2.25" x 6.375" Ultra Cartridge 75 1 AC & DC Power included 220V foreign power kit PDF

Cigar Oasis XL

Cigar Oasis XL $99.95 2" x 3.5" x 6" XL Cartridge or

XL Large Cartridge



AC & DC Power included

220V foreign power kit

Cigar Oasis XL Plus Cigar Oasis XL Plus $109.95 2" x 3.5" x 6" Refillable Cartridge
400-3000 10 AC included (DC option) 220V foreign power kit PDF
Cigar Oasis II Cigar Oasis II $199.99 6 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 13" Foam Block 3,000-10,0000 80 12v DC included 220V foreign power kit PDF
  • When filling the Cigar Oasis cartridge use the purest distilled water possible -
  • Use Glacier Mist distilled water. Click here for more info.
  • Never use PG solution (also knows as Poly-Glycol, Humidor Solution or 50/50 Pre-Mix)
Glacier Mist

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This is what Cigar Aficionado, renowned magazin for cigar smokers, had to say about the original Cigar Oasis:

"Forget to fill your sponge humidification device with distilled water again? Want to avoid those wretched dry cigar blues? The Electronic Humidifier by Cigar Oasis is a fully automatic, accurate humidity regulator that requires no more than one TLC maintenance session per year*. Fitting in most humidors. A paper-thin ribbon slips through the hinged back or side of the humidor and connects the device to an outlet. A small electric fan inside the Electronic Humidifier circulates humidified air, protecting your cigars from unnecessary dryness. Tested by Cigar Aficionado Online over a four month period, the unit performed well, maintaining a consistent 72% humidity level."

Cigar Oasis was designed from recommendations made by cigar aficionados to solve the cigar humidification problems everyone has experienced using passive sponge type devices. It is a self-contained unit made up of two pieces: the upper control section and the lower replaceable distilled water cartridge. The two units slip and lock onto each other; once you plug it in, the unit is ready to operate. Cigar Oasis filters and circulates the air inside the humidor eliminating the "musty" odor commonly associated with well-sealed humidors. The unit recovers rapidly to the controlled humidity after opening and closing the humidor. In addition to all of the other benefits mentioned above, the air circulation feature makes the unit a unique humidifier. One other advantage is that you can use it to season your new wooden humidor typically within 8 hours. Cigar Oasis is the reliable way to make humidification easy and guarantee that your cigars are always fresh.

The Cigar Oasis Plus looks almost exactly like the renowned Cigar Oasis, but the air flow characteristics have been changed to allow for greater air movement with a wicking system for rapid humidification. The Cigar Oasis Plus is placed inside the closed humidor and air is drawn from openings provided in the back and side of the unit. These openings are channeled into the water cartridge where it is humidified and drawn through the wick system and then exhausted in the humidor. The unique sensor then controls the humidity to the desired set point.  The greater air volume provides for the rapid humidification.  The water cartridge is permanent, so there is no need to replace it as with the Cigar Oasis (the original & Junior). However, it still needs to be refilled as operating conditions dictate with distilled water. We recommend Glacier Mist.

The Cigar Oasis II is reserved for the largest humidors of up to 80 cubic feet. The foam block is designed to last years and is easily filled and refilled with distilled water. We recommend Glacier Mist. This is the ideal choice for large cabinets, display cases, and walk-in humidors.