Cigar Oasis XL Auto Electronic Humidor Humidifier

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Cigar Oasis XL Auto Electronic Humidor Humidifier
Cigar Oasis XL Auto Electronic Humidor Humidifier


The Cigar Oasis XL comes all ready to go with the battery pack, built in digital controls and humidity read-out. In case you have not heard the buzz yet, the new Cigar Oasis XL is equipped with two power sources; battery and electric. The XL comes ready to operate either way, and batteries are included! The XL also is now fully equipped with a built in digital hygrometer which you can read at a touch of a button. It is so intelligent it will even tell you what the humidity was BEFORE you opened the humidor, and also report highs and lows so you know your Cigar Oasis XL is operating perfectly and keeping your cigars in their optimal conditions.....No more dry or over moist cigars, the Cigar Oasis XL is the solution. The Cigar Oasis XL is ideal for humidors with capacity of up to 400 cigars or 4 cubic feet. For larger humidors use the Cigar Oasis Plus XL or the Cigar Oasis II for very large cabinets or walk-ins. Add the finishing touch to your new Cigar Oasis. This Spanish Cedar Holder is made to fit the Cigar Oasis!

  • 6" L x 2" W x 3-1/2" H

Important information for California residents.