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Using your Humidor Care Kit

If you purchased the Humidor Care Kit , and are wondering what to do with these bottles, just read on and all your questions will be answered!

When you have a new humidifier , fill the humidification device (also commonly called a humidifier or humidistat) initially with Humidification Fluid Humidor Solution , also commonly called PG solution, charging fluid, or poly glycol. Simply fill it by squirting solution through the vents of the humidification device without opening it. Your goal is to have the device(s) well moistened but not totally saturated. Once the humidification element is full, be sure to wipe it down to remove all the excess water. Rest it on a hand towel for approximately 30 minutes.

Adding More Humidity

You will periodically need to add more humidity to your humidor. How frequently will be determined by numerous factors including the location the humidor is placed, environmental conditions, frequency opened, etc. The easiest way to tell you need more humidity is to monitor the hygrometer. A reading of 70% relative humidity (RH) is the most desirable, although a bit above or below is not detrimental to your cigars. Once the humidity drops 3 to 4% points below 70% RH, it is time to add more humidity. You should use both PG Solution and Distilled water alternating as follows:

  • Use Humidor solution the first time you set up your humidor, and then
  • Use Glacier Mist Distilled Water the next three times you refill your humidification devices, then
  • Return to PG solution for one occasion, and then back to the Glacier Mist Distilled for 3 refills, etc.

Alternating between PG and Glacier Mist Distilled water will provide for the best humidification and the longest life of your humidification devices.

We sell high quality PG solution and Glacier Mist Ultra-Pure medical grade Distilled Water with an included algicide to keep your cigars fresh. For you convenience we have packaged together the Humidor Care Kit that includes both products for only $10.99, remember to re-order before you run out.

For refilling a Cigar Oasis use Galcier Mist Distilled Water only, do not use Humidor Solution

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