Glacier Ice Crystal Clear Polymer Humidifier Jar

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Glacier Ice Crystal Clear Polymer Humidifier Jar
Glacier Ice Crystal Clear Polymer Humidifier Jar


The newest introduction to our Glacier Humidor Care items is our Glacier Ice Crystal Clear Polymer Humidifying Gel in convenient resealable jars. From the same great company which makes Glacier Mist ultra-pure distilled water, the Glacier Ice containers are perfect for all humidors so add one into your humidor for home or travel use. Below the removable lid is a breathable lid designed to keep the gel in and let the moisture out. Each one ounce Glacier Ice Humidifier is ideal for up to 25 cigars, so use multiples for larger humidors or just one for a travel case. The Glacier Ice measure 2" wide by 1" and will arrive super fresh as we know the freshest gel is the one you hydrate yourself! All you have to do is add distilled water (we recommend Glacier Mist) and the crystals will turn to gel.

If you are not yet familiar with Glacier Mist, it is made from Laboratory Grade Ultra Pure Distilled Water, free of any impurities like regular or distilled water or tap water. These impurities which are never present in our Glacier Mist, have a tendency to harm the tobacco in your cigars. Glacier Mist uses an advanced formula and includes an algaecide which keeps bacteria and molds out of the humidor.

  • 2" L x 1" H