Lighter Care & Repair

Lighters can be tricky to operate. Please READ all instructions that arrived with your lighter as well as instructions listed below which is meant to supplement information already provided.

Most Common Problems

We have found over the many years of servicing our customers that most lighter issues fall into the following three problem areas:

  1. The user filled the lighter without bleeding the lighter first. This results in trapped air which will render a lighter inoperable. A related issue is overfilling the lighter. Most lighters will fill completely in two to five seconds. Overfilling a lighter will also render the lighter inoperable until it is bled and refilled.
  2. Filling the lighter with unapproved butane. Today's lighters are designed with ignition systems which can be clogged by inferior butane. Avoid the brands sold at grocery stores and large chains as they will result in lighter failure. Choose butane which is made with a filtration process that removes all impurities. We use Vector Quintuplus Butane which is filtered 5+ times.
  3. Follow all instructions provided by the manufacturer. Failing to follow the manufacturer's recommendations leads to the third largest group of operational difficulties. You must especially follow instructions relating to cleaning the lighter, blowing dust and lint from ignition chambers, fuel and filling instructions, and safety instructions, as you can never be too careful when working with flammables and flame. The information below will help you maintain your lighter in top shape.

Troubleshooting Guide for Electro-Flame, Quantum, Electro-Quartz, Torch, and Flint Lighters


Symptom Probable Cause Solution

Lighter will spark but not ignite

Out of fuel

Refill lighter

Air lock

Bleed tank

Dirty burner

Blow out burner with compressed air

Electrode out of alignment (Colibri Electro-Quartz, only)

Return for service

Flame adjuster too low

Set adjuster higher

Lighter will not spark

No flint left (Flint lighters, only)

Replace flint

Electro-Quartz  malfunction (Electro-Quartz lighters, only)

Return for service

Flame jumps

Air in tank

Bleed tank

Burner malfunction

Return for service

Hissing sound is heard

Butane leak

Return for service

Flame adjustment too high

Set adjuster lower

Flame rises

Low fuel

Refill lighter

Flame decreases

Low fuel

Refill lighter

Dirty burner

Blow out burner with compressed air


  • Exercise care in use.
  • Ignite lighter away from face and clothing. Be sure flame is out after use.
  • Contains flammable gas under pressure.
  • Never expose to heat above 120oF (49oC) or to prolonged sunlight.
  • Never leave lighter on dashboard or near rear window shelf of any vehicle.
  • Never puncture or put in fire.
  • Under no circumstances should the user tamper with the lighter, or attempt to adjust other than by using the controls provided.
  • Failure to follow instructions can result in serious personal injury.

Filling Instructions for Butane Lighters

  1. Set flame adjustment near (-) lowest position.
  2. Remove filler valve cover (if applicable).
  3. BLEED THE TANK. Return to Guide.
    All air must be removed from gas tank in order to fill to maximum capacity. Bleed only when flame begins to drop, and tank is nearly empty.
    1. Hold lighter in an upright position.
    2. Depress the filler valve with a ball point pen or small screwdriver until hissing stops.
  4. Fill with lighter in an upside-down position (Fig. 2).
  5. Put nozzle tip directly on valve opening, and press down firmly for 4-5 seconds.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if necessary. Butane spray-back may occur with some lighters when full. If the lighter is not equipped with a gas viewing hole, use the following steps to ensure the gas tank is full:
  7. Replace filler-valve cover (if applicable).
  8. Warm the lighter in your hand for 10 seconds. Then, wait at least 2 minutes before attempting to ignite the lighter. This will allow enough time for excess butane to dissipate, and gas in the lighter to reach room temperature.
  9. Open flame adjuster 1/4 turn.
  10. Adjust flame to desired height. Colibri lighters operate most efficiently when flame height is 1" - 1-1/2".
  11. Replace cap on butane refill  canister.

Care & Handling

Lighter Mechanisms – Avoid carrying lighter in an area susceptible to lint and dust. A clean lighter will operate more efficiently. It is recommended that compressed air be used periodically to keep the lighter free of dirt and carbon build-up. Never move the electrode (sparking wire) on an Electro-Quartz lighter, as this would cause misfires.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to use Colibri premium butane, and is instructed how to refill properly. Colibri premium butane is specifically designed for Colibri lighters. The canister is pressurized at 45 psi, and is the cleanest available. Use of other brands of butane with unknown pressures and levels of contamination will clog the butane feeding system, and affect the performance of the lighter.

Lighter Finish – Because we cannot control how a lighter is carried and used, the finish of a lighter is not covered under warranty. To preserve the finish, do not carry with coins or keys, as they will scratch the outer surface. Clean the outer surface using only a soft, clean dry cloth.

Flint Replacement

WARNING! This type of lighter does not self-extinguish; close lid to put out.

Always use Colibri premium flints. These are sized and hardened for optimum performance for use in Colibri flint lighters. Use of other flints with unknown hardness may damage the spark wheel.

  1. Set flame adjustment near (-) lowest position.
  2. Remove flint screw, or slide flint  plunger back to expose flint chamber.
  3. Tap lighter gently on a hard surface to  remove flint particles, and dust.
  4. Insert placement flint into flint chamber.
  5. Replace flint screw, or  slide plunger back into place.
  6. Never force flint into flint chamber.
  7. Clean the serrated flint wheel occasionally with a stiff brush.
  8. If flint jams, and  roller bar will not turn, repeat steps 2-5.

Colibri Quantum Lighters

The Quantum lighter represents a giant step forward for butane lighter s. Ignition occurs without the aid of a flint or battery. The Quantum generates enough heat to light an object up to 3/4" away. Because the flame is barely perceptible, the Quantum is virtually windproof. The revolutionary firing device actually conserves butane, extending the time between refills.

Important points to remember when using a quantum lighter:

  • The best position for ignition occurs 3/8" to 1/2" above the glowing mesh.
  • Never touch or move the glowing mesh with a cigarette, fingers or object. The performance will be affected and may require service.
  • To avoid heat build-up, do not use for any situation that would require a continuous flame for more than 10 seconds.
  • For long-term reliability, blow out  the burner chamber periodically with compressed air. This will keep the chamber free of dust and carbon build-up which will affect the performance of your lighter.

Maintaining Lighter Burners

Follow the instructions below in order to keep your lighter burner clean and free of dust and lint. You will need a can of compressed air to complete these steps.

  1. Position compressed air canister and lighter  as pictured.
  2. The tip of compressed air canister must be kept at least 1inch
    from burner mesh or damage  may occur, and service would be required.
  3. Proceed with three short bursts of air.
  4. Allow lighter to reach  room temperature before igniting.

Further Questions & Service

See the Colibri lighter maintenance instructions which may supplement the information provided with your lighter.

Colibri Service Center 1-800-551-1351.

Returning Lighters for Service

After you have attempted to resolve your issue with the troubleshooting guide above and found no user servicable solution, you may return your lighter for service.

Colibri Lighters - The Colibri Group is currently in receivership, and is unable to process repairs or returns or honor warranty obligations. We hope this will not be the case for too long, and we look forward to restoring support to you as soon as we are able. In the meantime, please do not send any products back to us. Thank you for your patience. Please check their website for updates here.

Nibo & Tiger Lighters - Lighters may be returned to CigarExtras for repair or replacement.

  1. All warranty repairs must have properly filled-out warranty coupon or dated sales receipt.  
  2. For out-of-warranty repairs you should contact Nibo directly - do not return to us in this instance.
  3. Clearly print name and address, and enclose inside of package with lighter(s).
  4. Properly package lighter in a well protected box, warranty service will be denied if lighter is improperly packaged.
  5. Enclose $8.95 for shipping and  handling per lighter. S&H fee must accompany lighter or lighter will be returned.

Shipping Instructions

For Nibo lighters only:

  1. Bleed the tank (Section 1, Point 3.)  Do not ship lighter with gas.
  2. Place lighter in the original gift box, and return in a sturdy cardboard outer box. IMPORTANT! If the shipping instructions are not followed, the carrier may intercept the package.

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Tampa, FL 33619

We also do sell other brands of lighters that may or may not come with a manufacturers warranty.  Please consult literature packaged with lighter for more specific information.

Lighter Warranties: We offer lighters from many manufacturers, some come with warranties as listed in the description. Warranties listed are provided solely by the manufacturer and not CigarExtras. We provide a D.O.A. warranty for all lighters which provides that the lighter will arrive in working condition and we allow 48 hours from receipt to let us know if a lighter fails to perform. Manufacturers warranties extend beyond our D.O.A. warranty, please understand these policies of following the manufacturers warranties are mandated by the manufacturer and are not under our control.

In these economic times we have seen some of our manufacturers close operations and in some instances manufacturers warranties may not be supported as a result. Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times and is not under our control. To provide coverage for repair and replacement, we are currently offering a one year warranty, which can be purchased for a nominal fee at the time of purchase of your lighter, please inquire for more details.